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As you can see the site is now getting regular updates.

It would be very helpful if you could e-mail the Secretary with your e-mail address so we can send essential information to you over the internet. We promise not to bombard you with junk mail or sell on your e-mail address!

The Secretary's e-mail address is  weluplandsroads@aol.com , or use the  Contact  page on this site.



The 2019 AGM took place on 4th June 2019.

The minutes of this and past AGM's can be downloaded by clicking below :-
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Accounts & Budgets:

The Accounts and budgets for both the current and previous year's can be downloaded by clicking below :-
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Planning Applications:

Being a road association the Committee only becomes involved when the planning application is likely to have an adverse impact on WURA managed roads themselves. Please liaise with Kendra on planning applications or deal directly with the Council via their web site.


Do You Need Planning Permission:

Just a quick reminder to everyone - do please check the need for planning permission before embarking upon any property alterations, extensions etc. There have been a few cases recently where retrospective planning permission has had to be applied for and this is not ideal for the applicant or neighbours who could be affected by the developments. There is also the question of the management of construction traffic and the need for an agreement with WURA on paying for any damage to the roads maintained at your expense. Copies of revised standard agreements for contractors and developers can be downloaded by clicking the two links below (pdf documents):

Miscellaneous Circulars
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Past Newsletters
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Committee News and Events
Next Annual General Meeting:

  • Date: Tuesday, 4th June 2019 at 8pm
  • Place: Kenley Memorial Hall - Small Hall
All residents are entitled to attend and cordially invited by the committee.

Next Committee Meeting:
  • Date: After the AGM, date and time to be agreed
  • Place:


Meetings of the Committee usually take place in April, June and September. If you have anything you feel needs discussion/action by the Committee please use the  Contact  page on this site or write direct to the secretary.

Your contributions are appreciated and discussed.

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