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If you have any queries with regard to planning or tree preservation orders we refer and recommend you to the KENDRA & LBC sites to avoid duplication on procedures and known developments along the roads. Are you extending, building or moving? Are heavy trucks expected? The committee review the recent applications and will comment on, even object to, certain developments. We are particularly conscious of damage done to the road by heavy trucks. With this in mind please download the letters (pdf documents) below that we request you discuss with your contractor.
57 Welcomes Road...
On 17th August 2017 Council Planning Committee following the Public Hearing granted outline planning permission for the construction of 7 x 2 bed flats at 57 Welcomes Road.
Please use this link to access the letter the Committee wrote to the Head of Development Planning Croydon. We received this response from the Council under their complaints procedure and they refused to budge on the decision to approve the 7 flats. Our letter to the Complaints Resolution Team can be a accessed here . An exchange of letters with our MP can be accessed here - our letter and his response . We also wrote to the sales agent for the land over which a land bank company has registered an option to acquire, and a copy of our letter to the agents can be accessed here .
Having gone through the complaints procedure (unsuccessfully) a letter was sent to the LGO putting our case for having the outline planning permission already granted reviewed. The LGO declined to take on our case, see LGO letter and their final decision . It is rare for the LGO to adopt planning cases.
On the 17th January a letter was sent to the planing officer again objecting to the application and on the 4th May a letter was sent to the Developmnent Officer at Croydon Councill after full planning permission had been given. This second letter was copied to our local MP, Chris Philp, and his response can be read here .
With the help of a resident we recently hand delivered 225 flyers regarding the latest application for full permission to build a block of 7 flats which you can access here . This is how seriously we take the threat to our road and neighbourhood posed by this development which already has outline planning permission in spite of 110 objections and the inappropriate location accessed via a designated footpath (No 157). A collage of photos of the site as it actually is can be viewed here . The number of objections to the current application for full planning permission 17/06420/RMS reached a remarkable 141 by the consultation closing date of 2nd Feb 2018. The letter from the Council setting out the conditions for the applicant to fulfil can be found here . Paragraph 6 of the letter is possibly the most relevant to us as a Road Association. Our MP Chris Philp once again has objected and a copy of his letter can be assessed here . Steve O'Connell has also objected and the Kendra Planning Officer along with others in the road have put in some very well constructed objection letters.

This is levied and paid by all the 'frontagers' along Welcomes, Uplands and adjoining roads. It is voted upon annually at the AGM and the funds applied in accordance with the constitution. The levy is based on the Council Tax Band of the property. In the event of arrears - fortunately there are few amongst us who enjoy the benefits but do not contribute to their upkeep. We seek to recover these and resort to the courts only as a last resort. Under Halsall v Brizzell the legal commentary stated 'the users of the roads contained in the deed...are bound by this deed, if they desire to take it benefits'. In another case Wilkinson v Kerdene the commentary stated 'a party may not take the benefit of a covenant (in their title) without also accepting the burden which goes with it'.
At the 2014 AGM it was agreed that the new rates effective from 2015/2016 will be as follows:-
WEF April 2018
  Band D
  Band E
  Band F
  Band G
  Band H
The 20% increase to take effect from April 2018 was approved at the June 2017 AGM.
If you pay by standing order please remember to amend the amount payable - this will save our Treasurer a lot of work requesting the 50% increase due.

Road History
The obligation is recorded in the deeds of the properties. But who were the Original Owners of Welcomes Road? The best evidence we have is from Conditions of Sale Welcomes Farm on 13th May 1862. An extract is as follows?
"Mr MARSON (Kenley House) and the late owner of Welcomes Farm (Mr Thomas KEEN) covenanted with each other that a new road (called 'New Road' to Kenley i.e. Welcomes Road) which has been made at their joint expense, should from time to time and at all other times there after, be maintained and kept in repair by, and at the equal expense, and of that or their respective heirs, appointees or assigns, owners for the time being of the lands through or over which the said new road has been made."
It reads that this was agreed in 1853. The new owner of Welcomes Farm from 1862 to 1896 was Mr George CUTT. The land started to be sold off in the 1890s. Mr John YOUNG purchased Kenley House & lands in about 1865 and within a few years sold off building plots at the bottom of Welcomes Road and the remaining estate was sold in 1927.
  An Old Map of Kenley

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New Residents
Often solicitors request details on the committee's operations. Please contact the secretary who will provide the necessary information.

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