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Q. Why a road levy? :
A. The road has always been privately owned since the break up of Welcomes Farm in the 19th century and not maintained by the local council. As long as is known the residents have contributed to the upkeep.


Q. What will happen if no road levy is charged or the roads are not maintained? :
A. Unmaintained roads even if they have been properly constructed will deteriorate quite quickly once frost and water get under the surface. A few long-standing residents will attest to the condition of the potholed Welcomes road a few years back.


Q. Would Croydon Council Take the maintenance on? :
A. May be but you can be certain that it will be on the condition that ALL residents pay for bringing the road up to "Adopted Road" standards. A figure of £5,000 - £7,500 per resident would be an indication. For the residents to maintain the road themselves is the cheaper option.


Q. What about security along the road? :
A. Please note the registration numbers of any suspicious cars or make a description of people who are behaving in a suspicious manner. Help us to help the Police. Go to  www.kenleyra.org.uk  for up to date reports on crime in the area.


Q. When is Rubbish collection day? :
A. Rubbish - Normally Monday but with amended days at Easter & Christmas. Please note that collections for Uplands Road are on a Tuesday.
    Recycling - Normally fortnightly on Monday but with amended days at Easter & Christmas.


Q. That street lamp outside is not working? :
A. Please either inform the secretary or consult the Croydon Council website (Highways)


Q. When were the roads last resurfaced? :
A. The junction with Welcomes and Uplands Road up to Morven House Care Home was relaid with Stone Mastic Asphalt in 2016 by J C Allfrey and Co Ltd and this has held up very well in spite of high loadings from turning traffic. Cost £16,000 inc VAT.


Q. When will the roads next be resurfaced? :
A. some work will start at the top of Welcomes Road in Spring 2019 where the road surface is failing. The medium term plan is to resurface Welcomes Road in stone mastic asphalt or dense bitumen mastic depending on the advice we get, cost and cash flow. After that the surface of Uplands Road will be updated.


Q. What major expenditures have occurred? :
A. Last major expenditure £58,000 on seal and chip surface dressing (failed) in September 2012. Legal action for redress successfully settled in January 2016.


Q. What major expenditures will occur in the next few years? :
A. Unknown.


Q. Is parking permitted? :
A. Non residents are not authorised to park on any of the roads. Visitors to properties are requested firstly to park on the property of the address visited,or secondly after requesting permission on a neighbour's drive. This includes contractors and removal trucks. See note regarding heavy trucks.
Welcomes Road is also a designated footpath, No 157, and as such it is not lawful to park on it except briefly to deliver something for example. Rule 145 of the Highways Act states that it is not permissable to drive on or over a pavement, footpath or bridleway except to gain lawful access to property, or in the case of an emergency. See HA 1835 sect 72  & RTA 1988 sect 34 . Because Welcomes Road is a footpath bicycle riders and horse riders are also only allowed to use it if they are gaining lawful access to a property. Drivers must show proper respect for pedestrians using the footpath/road and drive slowly past them.


Q. What is the speed limit? :
A. 20 Mph and remember Welcomes Road is a public footpath. Slow down particularly in the rain when passing pedestrians.


Q. What can I do about speeding vehicles? :
A. Please note their registration number, date, time, direction along the road and advise the secretary. The committee will follow up as far as reasonable in making a complaint to the owner or driver.


Q. Does WURA pay for sandbags or kerbing along frontages? :
A. No, but please consult the Committee before installing kerbing.

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